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New Beginnings & India Bound

Overview of Buildings, Pune Skyline, Pune, Maharashtra, India --- Image by © Radius Images/Corbis

You guys!! I just completed my first week of work after almost exactly a year of fun-employment! I am exhausted and feel like my brain is melting but I am out of this world happy, excited and fulfilled. It feels like everything I ever wanted, but never knew existed. It feels like coming home.

So what is this new job you say? I’m working for a global IT consulting firm as a Quality Analyst / Tech Consultant and I’ll be traveling full-time! Ehh except I have no tech background. Don’t worry they’re not paying me to run around pulling things out of the air and lying to people. I’ve been studying full-time (ok lies, 10% of the time I was banging my head against the wall and there were definitely some tears) for a month with pre-work. One of maybe 60+ assignments was to read a Java textbook and start coding. Yeah – that’s been the cause of the tears. No joke it took me and hour and a half to download Java, IntelliJ and Github and get to page 7 of the textbook. Page 7!! I felt like I was reading something along the lines of:

dsmfasf dsfhf fgjhdfgd ss jj 64 sfjahff fdfhsf sdfjf sfsasd tyuyik sdad kykyu sfer

rerry uyi wqwee gbg ykyu ;;;;;; wergrh 045645 08 &^%$ gfshdff sdfbcv kuuiiuuiuu

………….ggfgdfg get.sdfsfsd,,,,,gfgrthtdg rthrh fgf f g h y t r e w q a s ergrhjjhfgfhgj

Ohhh hahah silly me. That’s definitely a language I speak. Not! Well after walking away from it for a while, some wine and downloading a 16 hour Java tutorial, things started to make sense and suddenly that text book was readable. Now I’ve been in boot camp in Chicago for the last week and leave to India (!) on Tuesday for six weeks of intensive training with all new hires globally.

I can’t say enough how grateful I am for this opportunity and this company and my coworkers. To have a company that invests so much in me from day one and gives me the opportunity to learn to build software and code without going back to school. And did I mention I’ll travel full-time. This is a polarizing topic. Half the people say they’d love the opportunity to travel so much and half say they’d absolutely hate it. Well if you couldn’t guess it, It’s one of the biggest selling points for me. I’m a vagabond spirit after all and nows the time to do it. I’m 25 – I’m single – I’m curious.

So lets get to this India part. (Happy dancing in my hotel room). My pre-thoughts are mostly consumed with work logistics. It’s going to be intense and I’m going to be under an immense amount of pressure and I’m going to try and force my brain to stretch it’s limits of learning. But there will be 70 of us from Ecuador, Brazil, China, Australia, Germany, the UK, India, and more in the same boat. There’s already such a strong sense of community and friendship and it’s only day five.

Secondly, as part of my work training and extracurricular reading, I’ve been learning about India’s complicated and rough history from imperialism and colonialism to their part in WW2 to the Islamic-Hindu populations of Mumbai to the collateral damage and wake of rapid capitalism and so on and so forth. There are so many layers and so many players and I really don’t have any answers or definite opinions, but I hope to continue learning and exploring India’s past and present.  Their social and economic injustices, and cultural richness, and innovations, and well everything. Real specific Alina, I know.

Apart from work craziness and cultural immersion here’s a quick list of all my hopes and pre-thoughts and daydreams:

  • I can’t wait to make friends and grow my global network of coworkers.
  • I want to see where my spicy tolerance stacks up to Indian levels. So in other world, I’m about to be drinking a lot of milk.
  • I’m going to be one giant sweaty mess.
  • Hmm no ankles, calves, and shoulders. I’m going to need to go shopping.
  • On that note, shopping!! I have visions of saturated fabrics and rugs and flowy pants and leather sandals. I only filled half my suitcase so bring. it. on.
  • I want to run. But I’m not sure how to. At first I thought I just needed to find a running group because safety in numbers. Then I realized that all my running leggings don’t fly in India. Then I realized that it’s going to be crazy hot and I will not (safely) be running outside in such temps. So running logistics are yet to be determined.
  • I want to see elephants! And tigers!
  • I want to visit the ashrams and participate in some meditations and vows of silence. Cue Eat Pray Love inner meltdowns after two minutes of silence.
  • Food!
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh too much to see, too little time. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I will be working non stop and I will get to know Pune very well and will just have to make many trips back to get to know the rest of India
  • Oh man I can already hear myself struggling pronounce words. But I really want to learn the basics!
  • Wandering. Oh the wandering and getting lost in discovery and daydreaming.
  • But also I’m already exhausted by how much I’ll have to be aware and work to keep myself safe as a woman.
  • And that makes me so very deeply angry.
  • Chai. Maybe I’ll finally get it.
  • Living like a local.
  • Embracing saris and churidaars and lehengas! They are encouraged by my office and when else can I wear them so often?
  • Henna.
  • The lush hills and local hikes.
  • Temples.
  • Getting lost in the history of…well everything.
  • Food!

So so much more I’m sure, but my mind is struggling these days to even remember my own name. I’m so exhausted, but I wake up each day overjoyed to get to the office so there’s that.

Keep adventuring,