The Great American Road Trip: Reno Nevada Memories & Snapshots

Tahoe 54


  • First and foremost, all the wonderful quality time with Mimi and Skip! Mimi has been like a second mom to me my entire life and I adored spending so much time getting to catch up and see their world.
  • Skip taught my dad and I to fly fish. I caught a big fat zero, but had a pretty fun time sipping beers and perfecting my casting technique.
  • Drinks and dinner at The Depot. Oh man, I’m salivating now thinking of the wings. These people know their meat.
  • People watching at The Peppermill Casino and winning $40 on the slot machines. I was a happy idiot, as you can tell in the photo a few spaces down.
  • Drinking delicious port and wine we picked up in Napa and Sonoma and laughing about all their Reno adventures (think 3 foot owls and nosy bears) and our Miami memories.
  • Playing Sequence. I’m addicted to this board game now! Now, to find someone else who likes board games…
  • Visiting Mimi’s church with her.
  • Trying to go for a run at altitude after a week at the beach and it quickly turning into a big fat Nope!
  • The landscape and vegetation in general. There is something uniquely beautiful about sweeping views of thick brush and red hills.
  • Falling asleep to the cool wind and bright moon every night.
  • The sound this one type of tree makes in the wind. It sounds like rustling sequins.

Keep adventuring,

xoxo Alina


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