Statement Tiles in the Home

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Oh hello old world charm! I can’t get enough of tiles these days. I’m especially drawn to the blues and greens and the crispness of the black and white ones. And how beautiful is the incorporation of the tiled and wooded floor?! Cuban, Turkish, Portuguese, Moroccan, Italian, Greek… There’s something so flirty and playful about them, that I can’t help but smile. How I love the old kitchens and bathrooms and courtyards you encounter when you’re traveling. So colorful and ornate, they tell stories of residents past and the old world. Oh that ever romanticized old world. I picture families spending all day in the kitchen preparing a glorious meal, or the soft trickle of water as someone unwinds in a hot and soapy tub, or the gentle breeze and amber sun filling a courtyard as someone sips their cortadito. I hope to incorporate them in a big way into my home one day. Would you?

xo Alina


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