The Great American Road Trip: Grand Tetons – Memories & Snapshots


  • Campfire chats: We laugh with our neighbors, Tom and Hayden about how the relationship between bears and humans is very one-sided. I mean I don’t hear them clapping and making noise to alert us to their presence. And can’t they evolve to distinguish between food smells and toiletries? That would be very helpful thanks. Please discuss at your next Grizzly council meeting.
  • Sitting at camp with my book and Moose Drool beer and it dawning on me that it’s a Wednesday and all I have to do is whatever I want to do. How crazy cool and fortunate I am!
  • Huckleberry Hot Springs will forever be the hike of 4 river crossings and 4 snakes. This little hike starts by our campground and leads to Huckleberry Hot Springs and Polecat Hot Springs. It seemed like the perfect little adventure on a cool gloomy day, but we quickly realized it’s very hard to relax in grizzly country when you have to constantly scan for bears and make your presence known. We laughed so hard that we felt like dumplings in broth – the perfect grizzly lunch! Then two snakes thought they’d join us in the soup and we called it quits. Back to camp to read our books and chat with our neighbors.
  • Dinner and drinks with Rick and Leslie. They are from Arizona and are on the road for a couple months with their Chihuahuas, Marlon and Stella :) They told us stories of Sturgis and showed us their Harleys and guns and cooked us up a meal of venison Rick hunted. This is the beauty of travel: meeting people (wonderful, generous, hospitable people) from all walks of life, but you’re all bonded in the love and pursuit of travel.
  • Showering one night and seeing the bathroom filled with teenage girls, getting decked out, curling their hair and doing their makeup for a night around the campfire. It looked like a scene out of a pageant show dressing room and it made us chuckle.


String Lake

Tetons 41

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Huckleberry Hot Springs

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Signal Mountain

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