The Great American Road Trip: Grand Tetons – Death Canyon Hike


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What more can I say besides look! Just look at how incredibly beautiful and rugged and impressive this place is and I dare you not to go all starry eyed. As I mentioned before, my chest cough was at an all time high while we were in the Tetons and I was not feeling my best. We spent the morning relaxing at camp and on Signal Mountain and didn’t start this hike until 2 or 3pm. Our plan was to just hike in and out about 4 hours. It was absolutely breathtaking and I guess I’ll just have to come back and hike the whole trail. Maybe a couple times :)


The Death Canyon trailhead starts by the White Grass Ranger Station and Phelps Lake. If you’re coming from Jackson, drive north 12 miles; turn left on Teton Park Rd. After .7 miles, turn left on Moose Wilson Rd. After 3.1 miles, turn right on Whitegrass Ranch Rd. Keep left after .7 mile and park at .9 miles.

Hiking Options

Create a 24-mile loop from Death Canyon Trailhead by heading up Open Canyon Trail, over Mount Hunt Divide, up Granite Canyon to Marion Lake, over Fox Creek Pass and back down Death Canyon.

Create a 25 mile loop from Death Canyon Trailhead by heading up Death Canyon Trail to Fox Creek Pass, north over Death Canyon Shelf, through Alaska Basin, then back over Static Peak Divide, and returning to the Death Canyon Trailhead.

The two hikes above are strenuos but oh so rewarding and you will have the trail to yourself. They can be made into sun-up-sun-down dayhikes with fast paced hikers or two day hikes. Make sure you plan ahead if you want to camp in the back country. Check out the information here regarding obtaining permits.

Alternatively you can create an in-and-out day hike to Static Peak divide and back.


Keep adventuring,

xoxo Alina


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