The Great American Road Trip: Custer and Black Hills Memories and Snapshots

SD 2


  • Singing “Hey Bear, Go away Bear. I don’t want to see you on the trail Bear” to the tune of Billy Currington’s “Hey Girl.”
  • Stacy Gonzalez, the bunny who hung out at camp and almost jumped in the fire.
  • Reality of travel: With a chest full of congestion and a fatigued body, I had to make a pit stop at a Deadwood clinic and got a Z pack. On the bright side, we find my old hag, chain-smoking, wheezy cough pretty hilarious. It sends us into fits of laughter :)
  • I had high hopes for Deadwood. I had seen it on the Bachelor (guilty!) and loved its wild west charm. The city in the hills has a gritty and intriguing past of cowboys and outlaws. I am sorry to say that I was a little disappointed. While Deadwood met my expectations visually, there wasn’t much else there besides casinos and bars. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m not the type to stay in a bar all day and I don’t exactly have money to gamble (I quit my job for this road trip remember?). We walked around and grabbed a quick bite before heading back to our camp ground and Hill City.
  • Giggle fits and getting wedged in the spelunking test tunnel at the Jewel Caves National Monument. The caves are beautiful and the third longest in the world. Go!


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